• Dual Technology detector
  • Pet immunity up to 20kg
  • Enforcer two-way wireless technology
  • SSI (Signal Strength Indicators)
  • Longer battery life with instant two-way device control (ITDC)
  • Highly secure 868MHz transceiver FM technology
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Intruder Alarm Options Dual-Tec Detectors, Wireless Detectors

The KX10DTP-WE is a flexible two-way wireless detector that utilises microwave and PIR technology to ensure intruder catch performance is maintained even when the environment is hostile and there are fluctuations in temperature. The dual technology system needs both sensors inside the KX10DTP-WE to be triggered before the alarm is sounded reducing the risk of false alarms. It is a pet immune detector, meaning that animals less than 20kg can roam around the property without fear of the alarm being triggered. Each wireless device on the Enforcer system, including movement detectors is a transmitter and a receiver. The wireless technology used on the Enforcer system holds a significant advantage over one way and some two way wireless products currently available on the market due to its advanced and innovative features.