V2 TEL Pyronix Speech Dialler

  • Half duplex hands free
  • Can be used as a fully operational phone
  • Onboard microphone and speaker
  • Remote microphone and speaker outputs
  • Full remote control via DTMF tones
  • Output remote control
  • 6 onboard programmable inputs
  • 4 onboard programmable outputs
  • 9 destination phone numbers
  • Voice messages to each input
  • 256 event memory log, time and date stamped


Description – FPV2TEL

The V2 TEL Speech Dialler can send out alarm voice messages after an activation to an input, all of which are programmable. The diallers may also be used as a normal telephone if required. 10 second voice messages may be recorded for each alarm input. A common message of 20 seconds may also be recorded. This message will be sent together with each alarm input voice message after activation following an input alarm. Outputs can be used to control external devices such as vending machines, engines, emergency equipment, home alarms, gates, lighting etc.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg

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