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Thermal Camera Calibration Black Box

  • Increases the camera reading accuracy from ± 0.5 °C to ± 0.3 °C
  • Works in real-time in the cameras field of view
  • Must be deployed with the camera, while the camera is working mode
  • Supports different temperature settings
  • High accuracy and good stability
  • Easy temperature calibration and correction
  • Strong ability of anti-interference
  • Compact size: 120 mm × 103 mm × 170 mm
  • Mount on a desktop or a tripod
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Product Code –DS-2TE127-G4A

Hikvision Black Box calibration tool works provides an accurate temperature reference for the camera to work with when in live operating mode. It increases the accuracy of the camera readings from ± 0.5 °C to ± 0.3 °C. The calibration black box must be present in the field of view of the camera while the camera is fever screening.

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