> > > > > Pyronix 10m pet immune PIR detect

Pyronix 10m pet immune PIR detect

  • PIR detector
  • 10m pet immune detection up to 24kg animal
  • Blue Wave Technology
  • Selectable EOL (End Of Line) resistors
  • Auto sensitivity feature
  • Digital temperature compensation
  • Tamper proof brackets included
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Description – FPKX10DP

The KX10DP’s intelligent Pet Immune technology differentiates between your pets and intruders with pet immunity for even larger pets (up to 24kg – approximately the size of a Labrador). The detectors incorporates selectable alarm resistor values of 6K8, 5K6, 4K7 &1K & tamper values of 5K6, 4K7, 2K2 and 1K catering for most control panels on the market.

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Weight .8 kg

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