Hikvision RFID Card

• Non-Contacting data transmission and supplied power(no battery needed)
• Working distance: no more than 100mm (depends on the antenna dimension)
• Working frequency: 13.56 MHz
• High data transmission speed: 106 k bit/s
• Data integrity protection: 16 bit CRC, odd-even check, encoding and counting by bit
• Anti-conflict
• Data transmission and processing time: < 100 ms (including backup and management time
• 2 year warranty


Product Code – ICS50

MIFARE 1 S50 is a serial of non-contacting smart card that meets the standard of ISO/IEC 14443A. The communication layer (MIFARE RF interface) meets part2 and 3 of the ISO/IEC 14443A standard. The security layer supports CRYPTO1 data stream encryption of domain authentication.


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