> > > > > Hikvision AX-PRO-M Wireless Control Centre (Medium Level)

Hikvision AX-PRO-M Wireless Control Centre (Medium Level)

  • 868 MHz two-way wireless communication with AES-128 encryption
  • 96 zones (requires additional expanders to reach max zones)
  • Onboard 4G Supported
  • New generation wireless protocol: Tri-X
  • Front and rear panel tamper-proof
  • Fully remote configurable through App
  • Alarm video clips via emails and APP
  • Views life videos from Hik-Connect
  • Pushes alarm notification via messages or phone calls


Product Code: DS-PWA96-M-WE


Hikvision AX-PRO Medium Level Control Centre integrate with Hik-ProConnect and Hik-Connect app’s allowing advanced programming, setup, linkage to CCTV cameras and notifications to be managed and deployed with ease. Up to 96 zones using wireless extension units. Onboard 4G support

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Weight 2 kg