960h ANPR Camera

• Sony 1/3 inch, 700 line CCD, mechanical Infra-red cut filter(true Day/Night)
• Sony Effio-S Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
• For best results use with any of our range of Megapixel grade vari-focal auto-iris DC lenses
• Wide dynamic control for smear free images with headlights on
• Automatic number plate recognition when used with additional software
• Use with IR illuminators to give outstanding images in total darkness
• On screen menu adjustment made from rear panel the camera
• Fast shutter speed for smear free number plate image
• External IR illuminator control with level adjustment
• RS485 not included(can be ordered on request at additional cost)


Description – CS700ANPR

This CS mount camera incorporates a Sony 960H high grade CCD in conjunction with a Sony Effio-S premium DSP providing the perfect solution when images of the highest quality are required even at night in low light conditions, it can also meet the exacting requirement needed for number plate capture both day and night when used in conjunction with IR illuminators. Its fast shutter speed and advance Gain control can give smear free number plate images on high speed moving vehicles


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