Hikvision 8MP Tandem, Panoramic ColorVu 50m white light & 5x PTZ with 200m IR camera

  • 8MP, 6mm Panoramic & 5x(10-50mm) Zoom PTZ camera
  • 50m ColorVu & 200m IR nightvison
  • Multi-target-type detection: support automatic person detection and quick capture for face comparison, and link face and human body
  • Smart events: The panoramic channel arms the detection area and links the PTZ channel to track targets and output alarms
  • Face capture: The PTZ channel locks onto and captures detected face
  • Tracking takeover: In smart events, when the target moves out of the panoramic view, the PTZ channel continues to track the target in a larger area
  • Support simultaneous capture, linked output, and feature abstraction of face and human body
  • Adjustable pan and tilt position for both channels. Panoramic channel: pan 0 to 360° endless, tilt 0 to 30°. PTZ
    channel: pan 0 to 330°, tilt -10° to 90°
  • Auto calibration: Once calibrated, no need for calibration at other PTZ positions
  • Built-in memory card slot
  • Easy-to-install all-in-one design with one IP address, one network cable, one power supply, and no server
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The smart-linkage PTZ camera adopts an all-in-one design with two camera channels and high-performance GPU.
Integrated with multiple deep learning algorithms for complicated scenes, it provides accurate collection of target feature data, comprehensive data analysis of multiple scenes, and all-around situational perception. The smart-linkage PTZ camera can be widely used for large areas that need high-definition monitoring and smart capture, such as intersections, T-junctions, squares, borderlines, and parks